About the comic

“No matter how much detective Passeri hates her old high school, she has to return there. A murder happened in the St. Caladria Academy for Talented Girls, and Passeri has to solve it whether she wants it or not. And maybe she will fight one or two of her inner demons along the way.”

Yellowish is a Crime/Mystery webcomic, with silly characters, quite a bit of drama, and a decent amount of bad humor.

It goes by PG-13 rating (no explicit violence and sexual scenes, but some topics discussed are fairly heavy, so stay aware).

About the author

Hi, I’m Capreola, I’m a 64% roe deer, and I have been uselessly dreaming about making a webcomic since 2011. Yes, it took me ten years to stop dreaming and just start drawing a comic. Don’t be like me.

You would think I had at least spent all these years mastering my craft, but no, not really. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. Exciting!

The beautiful creatures in the pic are Mephistopheles (the black cat), Charlie (the red cat), and Ryan (the doggo).

About the music

If you somehow missed the beautiful soundtrack for Yellowish you can check it out here. All of it was written by Toklian: a talented musician, Jedi, crafter of the lightsabers, and an amazing person in general.

More of his music here: