Detective. Don’t let her laid-back attitude fool you – she’s a workaholic through and through.

Graduated from the St. Caladria Academy for Talented Girls but has absolutely no warm feelings for her alma mater.


Passeri’s loyal friend and partner. He’s cute and likable – sure, but he also knows how to use those traits to his advantage.

Friends with Passeri’s mom – they enjoy dissing her poor lifestyle together.


Dead girl. How and why she became dead is the main question of this comic.

Or is it?..


She and Meropie have been best friends since pretty much forever. She looks meek but won’t hesitate to give you a piece of her mind if necessary.

Likes plants more than most people. Likes Meropie more than plants.


Student council president. Too smart and too responsible for her own good. Most students find her annoying but she doesn’t care. She finds most of them annoying too.


The oldest member of the volleyball team. It’s her last year so she really wants it to count.

Big, tough, and takes no bullshit from anyone.


The principal of St. Caladria’s Academy for Talented Girls. He’s a bit of a mess, but his heart seems to be in a good place.

Spends way too much time on his hair.


Vice-principal. She looks like a movie villain but that’s just a fashion style choice. Mostly.

Spends way too much time on her hair too. but that’s nobody’s concern.


School counselor. Well-liked by students. A lot of them go to her with their heart problems. She’s always ready to offer a bit of advice.

It’s her natural hair color.


Doctor at the academy’s medical office. Students call him “The stick insect” because he looks like someone made from sticks.

And also because they’re sure he has a stick up his ass.


Coroner. You can be sure he doesn’t like you. It’s not because of his job, he’s just old and doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Though working with the bodies of children or teenagers makes him about 1.5 times more grumpy.